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The Daily Times

Africa's iconic newspaper brand and incontrovertibly the longest surviving daily in Nigeria. It is printed Monday - Saturday with a rich diversity of content across 16 sections. Which are: Business, Politics, Sports, Maritime, Entertainment, Global, Labor, Education, Brand Times, Law, Agriculture, Motoring, Crime, Health, Teen Times, and Back in Times.

Sunday Times

Our Sunday publication focuses on light news, entertainment and investigative journalism as well as games and sports for the family's delight every weekend. It has generous focus on women, fashion, life and style.

Business Times

A weekly publication on business and economic activities within the week. This covers every business sectors of the economy, offering guidance and information to investors.

Lagos Weekend

A weekly weekend publication for Lagosians. This publication captures every activity within the metropolis as well as inform the citizens on government policies and laws.

Miss Nigeria

This is an annual beauty pageant show which showcases positive attributes of Nigerian women and awards educational scholarships. The winner portrays exemplary qualities and serves as a role model for young women in Nigeria.

Daily Times Digital

The main objectives of this sub-vertical is to make the Daily Times the biggest and most valuable media brand in Africa using the online platforms (Web and Social Media).

⦁ AdPrenuer

This is an online classified advert platform. The product is divided into display ads for SMEs, public notices and change of name.

Folio Media Institute

This is formally known as Times Journalism Institute. An arm of the Daily Times brand that offers professional training in journalism and mass communication.

Archives DTN

The Daily Times is very rich in history. Our archival contents spans 46 years (1947 - 2001).We had a total of 854 months within the period, each year's main-folder contains at least 12 sub-folders.


Folio Heritage TV

Folio Production

Folio Studios

Folio Heritage Radio


Nigeria Our Heritage Compendium

This is one of the major outputs of 1st October. A publication that chronicles the history of Nigeria since independence and contains rare facts. The book has many historical photographs from our rich Archives, and it is produced in two formats:


An exclusive stand-alone, centerpiece, foyer-sitting and elegantly finished book which symbolizes the place of value Nigeria occupies in the comity of Nations.

Premium Book

This version is packaged in a professionally finished veneer box. This is ideal as a signature gift item for public and private sectors.